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Orkut will soon have a new look one the most popular social networking site is all set for a new look. Here is preview of what is to come very soon. The site will continues to be blue in background. The designers have added some rounded corners and new icons that make orkut look a little more sleek and modern. This new design is all complete and would be rolled out to all within few days.

Orkut's popularity in many countries have been rising for quite some time now, especially in India. With more and more friends joining the site daily Google is also very much keen to enhance the services provided by Orkut. This site enhancement is a part of developing the overall brand image of Orkut. Couple of weeks ago they added features like photo and rich content scraps, favorite videos and feeds to make it easier to communicate with your friends and share content. They have also translated the site into 12 languages so users can add orkut friends from all over the globe. Orkut recently also became the MTV youthicon 2007, which re-confirms that Orkut is important to India's youth.

Orkut itself have come a along way from the very initial development (with limited users & join by invitaion only) to a open to all concept. As of today Orkut is the second most visited site in India as per Alexa. Orkut's popularity is also landing the site in trouble with Indian authorities. It was involved in quite a few controversies, most of which were cases of obscene or defamatory fake profiles and hate communities. But with all this plus and minus it still remains to be a fun place to be. Hey friends would like to know your views on this new avtar of Orkut.. post in your comments below

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