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Why Investing in India is very rewarding

Indian economy is growing really fast... It's the second fastest growing economy on the planet, and it’s not surprise that India is brimming with plenty of investment opportunities. Just recently, American Express predicted that India's 100,000 'dollar millionaires' will grow by 12.8% a year for the next three years. That's a whole lot of rich Indians. What's more, McKinsey Global Institute predicts that the average Indian's income will triple by 2025.

The first and second-generation reforms have created a conducive environment for foreign investments in India. Market oriented policies are boosting economic
activity, all round development and GDP growth rate. Government procedures are constantly being simplified and paper work minimised. As the Indian economy gears for competition in the international market, overseas investors clearly see the potential for attractive returns from investments in India, which is also evident from the many FDI success stories already achieved.

The country is set to capture 1% of global trade soon, while merchandise exports have grown an average of 24% a year over the past four years, according to Economy Watch. Goldman Sachs predicts India will rise to be the third largest economy in the world by the year 2035.

India's influence on the world economy will be bigger and quicker than what was implied earlier, Goldman Sachs has reported. It also predicts 8% sustainable growth for India till 2020 (Click here for more details on the report)
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daniel said...

Great post, the information you posted is dead on...i receieved some information about investing in India a while ago and even after being brushed off by friends and co-workers about continuing my efforts to investing in India, the bubble still hasn't burst...and won't for some time. Here is a report I found about it also...

Investing in India