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Share videos online and earn money

If you have some good videos and would like share it to others then you can also earn money by hosting in on the internet. Check out, a video-sharing platform which shares its revenue to members. They support free and unlimited sharing of media, their unique technology tracks and monetizes videos as they spread virally across the web, so no matter where your creativity travels, you benefit. In order to share videos one has to become a member of Revver. Then the process of uploading and sharing is simple.

Anyone wanting to share videos will have to follow simple instructions mentioned on the site. After the videos are uploaded, Revver attaches matching ads with those videos and then posts them on the internet. Videos become part of a viral video network. Revenue that is made on these is split half and half between the maker and the revver. More the videos get shown on the internet, more the revenue. These videos can be used and shown by third parties as well.

Videos on the site can be tagged and categorized. Members can create their own video lists and add other member's videos to it. Actually you don't have to have your own videos at all. It's enough if you just want to promote other videos and make money with it. Video has a very bright future. Revver is the first site to share content based revenue. Its user interface is very good and it has the potential of generating more revenue in future. This will be beneficial not only for Revver but for video makers as well.

The exact amount of money you earn per click is variable. But they claim to be constantly working to improve the value of the network so as to negotiate better rates.

Friends, make sure you give it a try.. So keep uploading and sharing - it's good for everyone!
By the way here my favorite Video from Revver

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