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A Norwegian hacks into Apple's iPhone

I recollect what Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO said when he unveiled the iPhone, he promised that it would put "the Internet in your pocket for the first time ever." I guess he might have meant internet of 1996s and not of 2007. Many first hand reviews of the iphone suggest that there are many features that are not available in the iphone. You cannot place a Skype call nor buy a song from iTunes, no 3G support, no flash or java support. And to make things even worse iPhone is only available on AT&T network (Two-Year Contract and $175 Termination Fee). However within weeks of the launch hundreds of Hackers have been working on breaking the iPhone restriction codes.

Jon Johansen, 23, a prolific hacker from Norway claims on his blog to have found out a way to activate a brand new unactivated iPhone without giving any of your money or personal information to NSA AT&T. The iPhone does not have phone capability, but the iPod and WiFi work. Although this is to be tested and proved, but many prominent newspapers has considered this serious news. Jon also adds that his work is completely legal in his country. I wonder since when hacking into stuff is considered legal. He doesn’t face any legal action. Mostly known as DVD Jon, he has made softwares that crack codes allowing users copy DVDs online. Surprisingly enough, AT&T and Apple don’t have any problem with people hacking into this new technology.


Anonymous said...

surely if you buy a product you can do with it what you like?
once i've paid for it, it's mine.

i used to hack my christmas presents, by hack i mean break in with an old screw driver and probably end up breaking the thing. Are you surprised tommy toys didnt sue me?

krizzy said...

I really think anybody can do this by now. Technology has been very fast evolving and also the people are coping up with it. Even the most ordinary people.
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