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iPhone's best friend is here, but will it take off ?

iPhone, Apple's revolutionary new mobile device obviously was the most awaitied gadget of this year, did it lived up to its expectations or not is all together a different question, but with the launch of this gadget comes series of iPhone specific services. This new service claim to be your iPhones best friend, its called the iRovr. Its a unique social experience developed specifically for owners of Apple's iphone.

iRovr makes it easy to communicate with friends a family, even giving you the ability to blog, share photos and videos, and post bookmarks without even visiting this website. The idea is to make all this possible within the smaller dimensions of the iPhone screen. All new media appears in a stream of updates, and you can block out the media types you don’t want to see. You don’t even have to log in via the iPhone’s browser.

I am not sure whether an iPhone-specific social network would be a great hit, but nonetheless its a positive attempt and could inspire other social networks to release usable iPhone interfaces.

Here is the link to iRovr and below is a screen shot of the site.

Friends would like to know your views as well on this new service, post in you commensts below...

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