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Getting feeds from orkut communities is easy

Orkut as we know it, is really the coolest social networking site. It is very simple to use and is not like other feature-rich Social networking sites, this meant that even those users who were not very net savvy were able to learn it easily. Its not surprising that Orkut is the second most visited site in India (as per Alexa). Orkut also allows its users to create (easy-to-setup) forums (called "communities"). This being of AskWiki's. However the only thing i felt missing was... Orkut does not allow users to generate RSS feeds of Orkut communities. Although other active orkut users have been requesting orkut to have this functionality added to orkut. I happen to come accross a trick that could enable people to have feeds from any of the orkut community.

Two simple steps to be followed to get the source code of the orkut community feed
1. Go to the orkut community and copy the URL (eg. .. this being of AskWiki)
2. Got OrkutFeed and paste the URL and hit 'OK'. Thats it.. a new page appears with the source.

If your site feed is already listed via button form (which is to the right of the "big orange square" or the universal symbol for site feeds) then simply click on your preferred button (in this case I'm going to click on Google Reader) and subscribe.

Well this is the trick, however i still prefer Google or Mr. Buyukkokten to have this functionality added to Orkut.

By the way thanks you Mr. Buyukkokten for starting the official Orkut blog.. this was very much required..

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