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Working at Google is next to not working at all

Every month, aspiring workers deluge the popular Google office at Mountain View, Califonia. The company receives up to 11,000 to 15,000 resumes weekly -- equivalent to a stack of paper at least 20 feet high. And the company claims to read each and every one. As one of Silicon Valley's hottest companies, Google has become a beacon for job seekers. In just a few short years, the interest has helped the company amass an arsenal of what is arguably among the world's top technology minds.

To lure workers, Google offers perks, including free cafeteria meals, free use of laundry machines, a child-care center, a free annual one-night ski trip (resort destinations vary depending on office location), dog-friendly offices and an on-site doctor. Engineers can devote 20 percent of their time to projects of their choice. What's not mentioned is that much of the largesse is designed to keep workers at their desks longer.

Here is an insight on the google work culture, and a tour of the office head quaters called the googleplex in Califonia.

When it comes to benefits, Google goes beyond the basics so that its employees can focus on what you love about life, at work and at home. As per google their benefits lead the industry and they also have created several innovative programs that simply make life better. No matter what kind of life you lead, it can be healthier, less complicated and more fun at Google.

To sum it up " Working at Google. It’s the next best thing to probably not working at all. " is what Googlers say

Check out this Detailed Benefits List from Google

Heres another video of Oprah taking us on a tour of what it’s like to work at Googleplex, the company headquarters of Google.

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