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Google invests in clean energy and green technology

Innovation goes to the heart of what Google does. Google recently announced its plans to positively make a contribution to the environment. The company has set out its strategy to help build a cleaner energy future. This plan will enable the
company to go carbon neutral by 2008 and help support environmental innovation that could ultimately benefit everyone.

Google has finished its Phase 1 of a 1.6 megawatt (MW) solar panel at its headquarters in Mountain View. Google says its committed to creating an additional 50 MWs of renewable energy generating capacity by 2012 (good enough to power 50,000 homes). This Google project is the largest solar installation to date on any corporate campus in the United States and one of the largest on any corporate site in the world.

Leveraging its assets to make an impact beyond its business. Google also plans to invests in innovative projects like plug-in hybrid cars (plug-ins) in order to make cleaner technologies commercially viable more quickly. Google understands that clean energy technology can dramatically shift how people make and use energy for their cars and homes by charging cars through an electric grid powered by solar or other renewable energy sources, and selling power back to the electric grid when it's needed most.

Google also recently sponsored the Climate Savers Computing Initiative which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by setting aggressive new targets for energy-efficient computers. More info available here. the philanthropic arm of Google.. uses the power of information to help people better their lives. They develop and invest in tools and partnerships that can help bring shared knowledge to bear on the world’s most pressing challenges in the areas of climate change, economic development and global health

For the full details on this google initiatives please click here

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