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An updated version of the ultimate Rapidshare downloader

Rapidshare is an excellent tool for sharing large files on the internet for a long time now. Many users have discovered ways of bypassing the download limits and skipping the waiting time. My previous post described some methods.

Also there are many rapidshare downloader application in circulation on the nets which claims to beat the rapidshare restrictions for non premium users, some of them works and some don't. And if any specific software becomes popular... they (rapidshare) change their download codes..

This was the case with the Ultimate Grabber (previous version). Here is the latest update on this software released by CMSZONE via Stackfile.

This is really an ultimate and download tool, that bypasses download limitations, can download multiple files at once. Download even more than with premium !

NOTE: This program is not Vista compatible, but works fine with disabled UAC (User Account Control - very useful and inovative thing which renders your computer useless and annoying to use it).

Download Link

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