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A smarter way of searching video contents online.

There are hundreds of websites and media conpanies which provides video contents and TV contents on the internet. If you happen to go to the official sites of Forbes, Reuters, BBC, ABC News, CBS, MSNBC etc you could find some hi-quality video contents, and ofcourse there are YouTube, Blip.TV, Metacafe which has user-generated content.

With so much content already available on the net is there a smart way of searching these contents?? well we happen to come across which claims to have the most advanced video search engine. Its actually fed by automatic spiders that crawl the web for audio video content and content partnerships with over 200 leading content and media companies.

Blinkx also indexes the audio portion from the video using speech recognition - that makes their video search results more relevant to your search keywords whereas other sites might only indexes video title, description and tags.

Users can not only search for content, but can also create personal TV channels that automatically splice relevant content together. And if you want to track video stories on any topic directly Blinkx also provides an RSS feed for each of the your search results.

Blinkx advanced search gives users many differing ways to search through blinkx’s index. You can choose to click on individual partners’ channels located on the right of the page. You can refine your search by adding in words to the provided parameters such as with the exact phrase or without the words.

In addition, blinkx lets you search results that filter content based on whether that content has preview videos or can be watched completely through the blinkx player. Just type your search term in whatever box suits you and chose from the kinds of video you want to see.

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