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Orange releases SPV M700, an upgraded Windows Mobile PDA phone

Well this is an upgrade from the M600, with a key feature of M700 to now handle 3G connections, as well as the EDGE and GPRS capabilities. Its specifications are 10.8 x 5.8 x 1.8cm, 150g in weight. That 3G support certainly helps with functions such as downloading email attachments and video clips, giving it an edge for business or pleasure.

The M600 included Orange's satnav technology but then it needed an additional Bluetooth device to pickup GPS satellite signals. The M700 brings that technology under its hood as is increasingly common in PDAs and smart phones. The lens obviously has to be on the front so you can see the other caller and they can see you.

However, you can also choose which of the PDA's cameras to send images from during the call, switching back and forth to show them your face or what the camera on the reverse can see.

Well, you could also check out this 1 minute video review of the phone below.

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