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Listen to your favourite songs stored at your Home PC, on your mobile

Picture this, hundreds of songs on your computer and you mobile has limited storage space but still you can listen to all of your song collection via your mobile phone.

Well Winamp's latest beta release 'Winamp Remote' does that. So now you can turn your home computer into a streaming music server for your cell phone. Winamp Remote on Mobile connects you with an entirely new level of freedom - the freedom to choose.

Now, change your music with your mood. Well if you are thinking about the playback quality, then heres' the reply: Winamp Remote on Mobile automatically streams content to your mobile device's browser at the appropriate bitrate for your data connection and format.

That means you'll receive a optimized playback experience so you can:
- Access your home music on your mobile phone 24/7
- Stream your favorite tunes from Winamp
- Manage your mobile music experience with ratings & playlists

So how do i do this ? Follow below instruction.
a. Go to and download the Winamp media player.
b. Select Winamp Remote in Winamp & download the Winamp Remote client, create a Winamp Remote account, add some playlists & rate your music.
c. Open your mobile web browser & go to

If you have any questions then raise it here.
So where every you go, all your music goes too!

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