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Free service that records your site visitors browsing session

If your are a blogger or a website owner, have you ever imagined about the behaviour of a website visitor ? Eg. how much time a visitor spends on your site ? What are the links that he clicks ? etc.. Well ofcourse we have google analytics for that but this free service has gone a step ahead of regular site analysis.

Infact what it does is it litteraly lets you record your users' browsing session and play them back. The service is in beta mode and its the service from Tapefailure. Tapefailure does not collect basic data that other analytics software (such as Google Analytics) gathers. Instead, it focuses on what the user does, not who the user is or what they use. Even going about and using this service is also very simple. You simply need sign up for an account, which takes only a couple minutes, and then create a unique identifier for each website you wish to track.

After that, you just drop in a small piece of Javascript into each page you would like to track, and from there Tapefailure handles everything else. Tapefailure tracks your users and records both tapes of your users' browsing and statistics about the users' browsing session. All you have to do is log into your account and from there you have the ability to view the recorded tapes and statistics.

The idea here is to help understand and analyse the behavior of the user and improve your site.. just as they say Record, Review, Revise.

Heres' the official site

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