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YouTube's test lab is working on AudioSwap and Stream

TestTube, the testing lab for Youtube (This is where YouTube engineers and developers test out recipes and concoctions that aren't quite fully baked and invite net surfers to tell them how they're coming along) is currently working on two interesting ideas. AudioSwap and Streams. Lets get you a brief on these.

1. AudioSwap: Users can use AudioSwap to swap the audio on your videos with officially licensed music. So now if you already have YouTube videos you have an option to swap/replace your existing Audio / sound to an better soundtrack. YouTube states that they have made arrangements with artists and record labels so that you can add their songs to your YouTube videos. In my opinion though as of now they have limited number of soundtracks, but its worth checking out.
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2. Streams : Join Streams to chat with others who are watching the same video you are. You can crate your own streams. Well the ideal is something very common, many a times we see something online and are desperate to share it to our friends or are desperate to talk about it. Imagine a specific content on a page which is viewed by many visitors and you also haveing an option to talk or chat on the same page... well YouTube is running this test on 'Stream' via TestTube.

With Streams, you can create a YouTube room to watch and interact with other users while sharing videos. Everyone in the room can add videos from their Favorites, QuickList, or by pasting in links, and make a running commentary as the videos play.
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