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The Ultimate Rapidshare Downloader is now free for all

We all are aware of the time restriction on rapidshare for non premium users. It is a pain when we need to wait about an hour after we finished download file from Rapidshare. But for premium accounts thats not a problem at all. Here's a software that can trick Rapidshare so we (non premium users) can use it to continue or download multiple files from Rapidshare.

CMS The Grabber - The Ultimate Rapidshare Downloader ! is what it is called.
It allows you using multiple proxies, you can download multiple files at once with CMS The Grabber. Some Rapidshare downloaders only grab links from Rapidshare.DE but CMS The Grabber can grab links from both domain, .DE and .COM. And you can forward the links to your download manager.

Here is the link.
Download: CMS The Grabber v1.4.7C
MD5-Hash (of the RAR file, not .EXE): cbe24f2dbc75917fef750bce8bb75b42

Important instruction

1. After you download the program check MD5 hash of the RAR file to be sure it is clean (download the MD5 utility from here and run MD5 GrabberArchive.rar in the console window - cmd).
2. Run the program immediately (necessary to activate it)
3. Keep Grabber.EXE and Grabber.INI files in a safe place. Without Grabber.INI, the program may be deactivated at any time; with it, it will work forever (or until rapidshare changes its site(s)).

Note: Grabber.INI is valid only for your computer. It will not work on another computer.

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