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Software to Identify Copyrighted Video Clips on the Internet

Identification of the copyrighted content has always been the major challenge for media companies and the online video sharing sites. Now, a Californian company dubbed Audible Magic has developed new content-recognition software that they claim to be a new weapon in web war over piracy. The technology could address what the entertainment industry sees as one of its biggest problems.. songs and videos being posted on the Web without permission.

How the new software works? Well.. when any new clip is being uploaded to a site, the content-recognition software checks the database for relevant matches via a technique called digital fingerprinting. Copyrighted material can then be blocked or posted, depending on whether it is licensed for use on the site. Once it checks for the matches, copyrighted material can be blocked or posted.

Though Audio fingerprinting technologies have been put in use in the recent times to identify copyrighted music on video-sharing networks like MySpace, it would be interesting to see whether the new content recognition software does the work with total adeptness.
Nevertheless, some file-sharing networks and smaller video sites like and are already using more basic filters that monitor video soundtracks and music files, hoping to appease copyright holders and stay out of the courtroom.

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