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Now expose your music to the world using this service

With this new service from you could discover great music. If you are a music artist and would like to expose your creation to the world, you should try iJigg. Here you'll be able to easily upload your music files and share it with others on the site itself or via emails, blog/site embed and even post it to your facebook account (if you have one). You don't have to be a registered user - to do that.

iJigg is the place for you to find those rare addictive tunes from musicians worldwide. As an iJigg member, you can submit music, rate music and chime in on conversations.

This great site is not just for artists. It is for every one who like to listen to music and discover good new songs. You can choose to listen to the most popular songs, most recently posted or to search for your favorite genre.

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