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HD-DVD, Blu-ray AACS Copy Protection Broken

In the run-up to the launch of the next-gen DVD formats HD-DVD and Blu-ray, a great deal was made of the new formats and the manner in which each would attempt to limit the ability of hackers to break copy-protection and rip the data.

Hollywood studios have been in a tizzy since CSS-copy protection on regular DVDs was broken, and cited a pressing need to prevent pirates from jacking movies in full 1080p resolution. HD-DVD and Blu-ray make use of two methods of controlling the data, the HDCP "protected-pathway" of hardware authentication, and AACS signal encryption. Advanced Access Content System. The technology is used to protect high-definition DVDs in both the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats. The system was created by a coalition of technology and entertainment companies, including The Walt Disney Co., Microsoft Corp., Intel Corp. and Panasonic.

On Thursday a consortium of movie studios and technology companies backing the encryption system for high-definition DVDs on Thursday confirmed that hackers have stolen "title keys" and used them to decrypt high-definition DVDs through flaws in DVD player software. A report published in The New York Times identified the DVD player software as WinDVD. The software is distributed by InterVideo Inc., which was acquired last month by Canada-based Corel Corp.

The confirmation of the attack comes about a month after a hacker called Muslix64 described in an online posting how he defeated the encryption system by using DVD player software. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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If Man can make it, Man can break it

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