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Free remote desktop viewing feature

Now work on your Office PC and have access to your files/folders from the comfort of your home or virtually wherever you are. Full-screen remote desktop access and transfer files back/forth between PCs via any web-browser for Free.

iRemotePC service provides the user with unrestrained secure access and full view of the user's home/office PC via any web-browser from a distance, allowing the user to see and work on the user's PC in real-time and have immediate access to the user’s files, emails and programs.

Using this service you can alos invite guests to PC to partake in presentations or present demos, stream files directly out of your PC to friends or family without the hassle of uploading or sending large emails.

Moreover, Share files directly from your PC without the hassle of uploading. Send your music files, documents and pictures (small or large files) to your friends, family or colleagues without the hassle of uploading or wasting time sending large emails. Your recipients can download any file you specify directly out of your PC. Best of all: They don't need to have any kind of special software installed on their computer.


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