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DVD players now cost less than the disks.

Price degradation is a massive part of technology advancement but did anyone ever think it would go this low ? DVD PLAYERS are now so cheap that it is possible to buy one for less than the price of a DVD.

Asda started offering a player for £9 over the weekend as part of a marketing ploy to wallop the business of traditional electrical stores. The arrival of the £9 DVD player demonstrates how supermarkets are shaking up the high street.

Asda, which is part of the American Wal-mart empire, has launched a major move into home electricals, as have Tesco and Sainsbury's.
More than 80,000 of the DVD players will be made available, and it will be on sale at every one of Asda's 316 stores and seven Asda Living stores throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

The Asda £9 DVD player is also indicative of a shift in manufacturing to the Far East, where wages and other business costs are a fraction of those in the UK. The machine is made at a factory in China.

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