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A device that brings broadband to the car

Autonet Mobile Inc., a San Francisco start-up, is preparing to release a product for cars that combines 3G cellular access and Wi-Fi technology. With the device, which plugs into a car's cigarette lighter, users will be able to connect to the Internet the same way they do at hot spots or via their home Wi-Fi networks. The $399 product will act as your Internet service provider. You won't need a separate relationship with Verizon Wireless, Sprint or Cingular for 3G backhaul.

Autonet will charge $49 a month for that access. The Autonet unit will come with the radios inside for the 3G backhaul connection. You won't need to have a separate EV-DO or HSDPA card to plug into the hardware. Using a network layer the company calls TRU Technology, Autonet will manage the network connections.

Also inside is the Wi-Fi radio for use by multiple end users (with the exception of the driver, of course) to connect laptops, PDAs, smartphones, gaming handhelds, etc

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