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How to Download Ringtones for Free from Cingular Website

Make sure that you use Firefox and no other browser.

OK, lets go the Cingular website (ringtone section) Click here

Now First of all, find the ringtone you want (Music Tones/Voice Tones/Sound Effects/Polyphonic) then follow the below steps.
1. Preview the ringtone, easy just click the speaker icon.
2. A new pop-up window will appears. Now, right click on this window and select "View Page Info"
3. Select the "Media" tab, and the third URL (Type = Embed) is the link to the preview file.

4. Right click on it, copy it, and paste it into Flashget (or your download manager) or you can directly paste the link into IE address bar and hit enter. I will automatically download it as "content.wma"
5. Just rename content.wma to the ringtone"s name. ... Thats it!!

P.S. make sure you mail this post to your friends.. Enjoy!

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Justin said…
You are a lifesaver! Thank you. It worked well! Thumbs up!
Anonymous said…
Thanks! that works! you are a lifesaver!

I did that and went to this site to upload the music and it gives you the code and typing it on wap browser.
Pepperfry [CPS] IN PizzaHut [CPS] IN