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An eyewear with a built-in video viewing system

Your personal entertainment just got even more personal.
Simply connect the this gadget (myvu personal media viewer) to a portable media player such as the Apple iPod with video or Creative Zen, or to a portable dvd player and watch your favorite music videos, movies, podcasts and other broadcasted or downloaded entertainment while you are on the move. This product is designed by the US based MicroOptical Corporation

The lightweight eyewear contains a built-in video viewing system and stereo sound via noise-reducing in-ear earbuds. Extend your viewing time with an ultra-thin battery pack that enables an incredible six hours of video watching and doubles as a hard protective case for your iPod.

MicroOptical"s myvu personal media viewer, universal edition, can be used with many media devices with a video out port. It’s the ultimate solution for viewing broadcasted and downloaded entertainment on a variety of devices.

Check out this video stream of this gadget

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