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What is MediaFLO Technology

The MediaFLO System delivers unprecedented volumes of high-quality, streaming or clipped, audio and video multimedia to wireless subscribers. This is the latest wireless innovation from QUALCOMM (a fotrune 500 company). The "F-L-O" in MediaFLO stands for Forward Link Only, meaning that the data transmission path is one-way, from the tower to the device.

The MediaFLO system transmits data on a frequency separate from the frequencies used by current cellular networks, which makes it possible to watch TV on your mobile handsets.
According to a new report ( by ABI Research, penetration of mobile TV handsets in Japan and Korea is increasing, with over 14% of Korean handsets already supporting mobile broadcast TV. In some countries its still on pilot trials.

There are also rival technologies like the Korean DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and the European DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld)

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