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Watch, React and Win - advertiser centric Web TV

"Are you tired of watching other people win cash and prizes on TV game shows? Isn't it time that you took center stage? " is what real estate and new media magnate Frank S. Maggio is asking to Americans. Frank has introduced ReacTV which is America’s first advertiser-centric, creative media productions company to develop reactive television programming embedded with reactive advertising. their patented technology enables interactive gaming networks, where viewers at home compete for prizes simply by watching and reacting to their television programming – and their ads.

ReacTV claims to have exclusively licensed the patented CRĀV Reactive Ad System, which allows mass media broadcasters, publishers and sponsors to create a new level of consumer awareness through reactive advertising. ReacTV. So once you register you'll become a ReacTV Reacter and compete against thousands across the U.S. for big prizes, LIVE, on TV and the web.

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