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Top collection of online TV Feeds

My last article was on setting up your own radio station on the web ( so the obvious next thing i could think of was on line Television. Below are two new services (one is in Beta mode)which i found really interesting. Here you could watch online TV and also embed live news feeds to your blog/website etc.. is a user-built website that provides link and direct feeds to ALL the existent free web tv in english language available on the Internet. They claim that each television channel has passed through a validation process in order to be included in the directory, which requires user ratings as well as administrators approval.
If a TV station is transmitting in english for free on the Internet and its actually working, You'll find it here. provides you with more than 500 LIVE broadband televisions a big selection of the best quality free online television streams found on the net. In the "Sites" section you will find links to broadcasters that stream live tv exclusively on their site.

Check the below imbeded feed, if you want to know how to embed live feeds to your blog/website.. just send me a email.. enjoy !!

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