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Skype now added to Google Pack

Google is providing users with the ability to easily download Skype to communicate with millions of Skype users for free and inexpensively call landlines and mobile phones.
It has now added the option to add the Skype VOIP application to its free download able software suite, Google Pack.

Google Pack includes: Google Earth, a 3D Earth browser; Google Desktop; Picasa, a photo organizer; Google Toolbar; and the Google Pack screensaver. Additional software includes the Mozilla Firefox browser, Norton Antivirus, AdAware antispyware, and Adobe Systems' Acrobat reader. The Skype software is optional, as is Google Talk, Google Video Player, and others.

There are 136 million registered Skype users, according to Skype.
Friends by the way, we also highly recommend the Google Pack which has all the essential application, you could find the download link towards the left mid area of the page under Latest Software.

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