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Skype 3.0 beta version released

Skype recently released their latest beta version to interested testers. This release brings a few exciting features as well as interface improvements that makes the Skype window a lot cleaner and easier to use. So go ahead download and test it.
The main window hasn’t changed too much so you will still see the familiar interface, but the tabs have been cleaned up and are now much tidier. The Live tab gives you access to the main, new feature in version 3 - SkypeCasts. Skype describes SkypeCast as: large, hosted calls on Skype which doesn’t really give the service justice. Anybody can host a SkypeCast and your SkypeCast can be made public in the directory.
Another new addition is the ‘Extras’ section which is an interface that developers can use to extend on the Skype interface with plugins. Skype have provided a couple of games which can be played with other Skype users, but only if they are also running the latest beta version.

Overall, this new release is a huge improvement over the current 2.5 version, if just for the cleaner interface. The SkypeCasts features could herald a new wave of talk-radio shows, and we’ll have to wait to see what the developers have in store for us with the Extras plugins.. For more details check out the Official Skype Blog.

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