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Google acquires JotSpot.. the first company to provide an application wiki

JotSpot customers include ebay,symantec,odeo,Intel,oxford university press etc...JotSpot was founded in 2004 as the first company to provide an application wiki. 

Question: What is a Wiki ?.. Answer: Well a wiki is a private website designed for collaboration. Unlike a traditional website where pages can only be read, in a wiki everyone can edit, update and append pages with new information, all without knowing HTML.

One more Question: Why did Google acquire JotSpot?
Answer: JotSpot's vision is helping people collaborate, share and work together online and Google shares the same idelogy. JotSpot's team and technology would be a strong fit with existing Google products like Google Docs & Spreadsheets. So whats Microsoft,Yahoo doing ?

Microsoft and IBM have recently announced upcoming wiki offerings, and Yahoo has a partnership with PBwiki to host wikis for Yahoo Groups.

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