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Gigabeat MP3 player from Toshiba to compete the iPods

Toshiba has announced the Gigabeat P20K and P10K which has 2GB and 1GB respectively. Files supported are MP3 and WMA. It also has 96 x 64 pixel color OLED display. Included is a FM tuner and recording can be done in MP3 format via FM tuner, Line In and built in microphone.

The onboard Lithium Ion battery support 14 hours of continuous playback and can be charged via USB. The units measure 83×31.9×12.9mm and weigh 50 grams. Toshiba says that p20K and P10K would go on sale by December in Japan the P20K will sell for $150 and P10K for $120.
These models of gigabeat MP3 player is just as sleek as the iPods

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