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Wibree technology to replace Bluetooth ?

Nokia has apparently been working on Wibree technology, is the site to check out which is full of information on this new technology

On October 3rd, Nokia launched this new technology. Here's how they describe Wibree:

"Wibree radio technology complements other local connectivity technologies, consuming only a fraction of the power compared to other such radio technologies, enabling smaller and less costly implementations and being easy to integrate with Bluetooth solutions.

"Wibree is the first open technology offering connectivity between mobile devices or Personal Computers, and small, button cell battery power devices such as watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors. By extending the role mobile devices can play in consumers’ lives, this technology increases the growth potential in these market segments."

In terms of it gaining in the marketplace and replacing Bluetooth, well... Bluetooth definitely has some problems and limitations, including some security issues, where Wibree would have an advantage.

Nokia is a big company and with Wibree able to utilize the same radio and antenna components as Bluetooth, who knows, maybe we will see a Wibree world in the future

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