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Use Mobile Phones to Upload videos to Youtube, its really easy !!

Posting and sharing video clips online just got a lot more simpler.

YouTube has added a new feature to upload video using cell phones, you can use this to upload videos to YouTube by email. The trick is to create a Mobile profile on Youtube and you receive the email address to which you can send the videos.

Now all you need to do is compose an email message, attach the video and send it to a special email address assigned by Youtube. You will soon find your video on Youtube servers. No cell phone required.

Just make sure the length and size of the video attachment is withing Youtube limit and the format is either .AVI, .MOV, or .MPG. You can create up to two different profiles to have different sets of phone video defaults—each profile will have a different email address.

As of now YouTube supports uploads from Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon wireless networks.

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