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Ping my Blog at Google Blog search

Bloggers who update their post quite frequently now could use the ping my blog service from google. If today any blogger who wants the updated posts of their blog to be included in the Google Blog's Search, they don't need to wait for the GoogleBot to crawl their blog. Now, they can order GoogleBot to index their new posts!

All he needs to do is go on to Blog Ping Page and then enter the URL or Feed URL of the site and Google Blog Search will update the content automatically. (this is only for bloggers who are not using the service ) as it seems that Google Blog Search is automatically pinged by Blogger directly. I can say that because, I never pinged my blog and my posts were already showing up in the index of Google blog search.

Friends, ( who are using wordpress, or any other service) please validate me. If you have any other efficient method, please do post it in the cooments for fellow blogger ..


Marlene Affeld said...

hThanks for the helpful information on submitting my blogs to Google. I am new at this and your post was very helpful.

Anonymous said...

searching for same blog engine