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Orkut (with a new logo) is now open to all

Google has (finally) removed the invite barrier to Orkut, letting anyone with a Google account register for the service. Orkut has been an invite-only service since it launched 33 months ago, and never gained much traction outside of Brazil (where 9% of the country has an Orkut account, making up for 63% of the total users) and also gaining momentum in India, although the service does have an impressive 30,089,043 users.

Probably inspired by Facebook’s success with moving away from an exclusive system, Google has opened the service to all, hoping there are a lot of people who might like what they see. To compliment this change it has also revised its logo.

Orkut has some new features, according to Dreamchaser, including an easy reply method, language restrictions (i.e. - people from languages you don’t understand can’t message/spam you), and moderator for communities.

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