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Indian Version of YouTube

We have come across 3 sites which are similar to the YouTube concept.

1. - This site has been launched by a bunch of friends living in US, India and UK. It is positioned as a South Asian video aggregator. In fact Infeedia is not just an aggregator, it is also a filter, for it has a Digg style voting mechanism to surface the popular videos on the home page. Infeedia does not host videos; it allows you to post India centric videos (by copying the JavaScript code) from other popular video sites. Arun (from Infeedia) informs me that they had initially planned to have hosting but gave up that idea. Partly because of bandwidth cost considerations, and partly because of the existence of scores of other video hosting sites. [ Update : The service is no more active. ]

2. - As the name suggests, this is a YouTube clone to the hilt. The site allows hosting of videos, so that’s a definite advantage over Infeedia. While the visual design of the site is quite pleasing to the eye, it needs improvement in terms of its usability. It seems to have been around for just a few days, but you can already find Google ads on the homepage.

3. - MeraVideo is a part of BrainGain Entertainment Private Ltd., a privately held Mumbai based Media Company. The mera video site is also a you tube clone with video uploadinga nd sharing facility. Though the site seems to give a poorer impression design wise compared to the earlier two video sites. The features are just to upload and share while unlike Apnatube this site does not have its logo on the video being viewed and shared but uses windows media player.

Update : March 2014 : These services are no more active.

But if it is Hindi movies you are looking for then Youtube has some free collection at zero dollar movies.