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Google's Joga is picking pace like Orkut

Google's is now picking up pace just like Orkut in Asia. Joga is a website dedicated to the football AKA soccer community. It's a brainchild of a joint effort between Google and Nike, and is based on Google'e Orkut social networking site.

What makes Joga exclusive is the fact that it's purely growing network of trusted acquaintances. The network that eats, breathes and sleep soccer and helps users to connect to people who share the same passion for the game and also access special contend around athlete profiles, video clips and photos. Users can also add pictures, videos and blog, and link up with friends. Joga users can build their own football teams, find local fields and even play other nearby Joga teams

I myself have recently joined the network, its worth a try..after all its a Google product !!
Friends send me your views on this Google service ...

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