Create your own free radio station

Here's a free music player that lets you create your own "radio station" from a library of songs featured at the site. This feature is provided by Radio Tornadostream who not only lets you create
your own radio stations but also to share with your friends, or post on your blog, myspace page or personal web site. Oh and also... it's free.

Here is the link

Check out the Askwiki Station below (use the select station dropdown)

Tornadostream, a multimedia company from Salt Lake City, Utah that specializes in streaming media of all types. Jesse Harding, co-creator of the tool says he and Dan Smith came up with the idea while trying to find a convenient way to share new songs they had discovered.

[Update as of Feb 2014] : The Service and the Website is no more functional..   the following links may be use full.. 

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