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Convert all Videos/Audio files to various other formats online

Media-Convert ( is 100% free. No software is needed, and you don't have to register, only select input and output formats, submit the form. It's easy !!

A lot of formats are supported. Main formats are :
a. Raw text, HTML, XHTML, Microsoft Word, RTF, PDF, PS, Open Office, Star Writer, Pocket Word, Word Perfect
b. CSV, dBase, Microsoft Excel, Pocket Excel, Lotus 123, Quattro Pro, Star Calc, Open Office spreadsheet
c. MathML, Star Math, Open Office math
d. Microsoft Powerpoint, Star Impress, Open Office presentation

Why use Media-Convert ?
1. No software installation, Media-Convert let you read all kind of documents.
2. Convert files, for exampleto read all Open Office files with Microsoft Office or convert files into universal formats like Adobe PDF, PS (PostScript) or CSV toprint, fax ou simply read them on any computer, without special software.
3. Insert a PDF into your web page by converting it into an SWF Flash file.
4. Export easily Microsoft Access database to an Excel table.
5. Capture a website as an image.
6. Encode a text with UTF-8 codes or with one of 900 other charsets.
7. Learn morse code with the text to morse converter.

Enjoy !!

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