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Amazon"s response to "Yahoo Answers"

Amazon has newly released a Question & Answers site of their own called Askville. Currently in invite-only Beta, the site looks cleaner than Yahoo Answers, and as opposed to Google Answers, you don’t need to pay to ask questions. Activity on the site – like asking a question, or answering one – is rewarded with “quest coins” which can later on be spent in Questville (Questville didn’t open yet!).
Here is the screen shot .

Amazon’s doing a lot of sites unrelated to shopping (A9, and then there’s all their APIs), and this is one of those. As expected, you can use your existing Amazon account to log-in, and I’m curious to see how much of a community they’ll be able to assemble in the long run.
Friends if you have more information on Amazons future plans.. just mail me.
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