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Your Own Personalized Start Page on the Net - Webwag Service

Webwag is a new, very well designed, ajax based start page.
Just like Netvibes and Pageflakes, Webwag will allow you to gather all your personalized page and search in one place.
Webwag helps you to {wag} your web experience and to get the best use out of it.

Building your own personalized page is very easy, just enter Webwag and choose from varied categories (Blogs, books, jobs, dining entertainment, games, spots, travel, etc), that the service provide you or edit your favorites RSS feed in one click. Simply Drag and Drop your widgets and make the page looks just the way you want to read from it. You can also have more then one page by adding more tabs to your Webwag.

The site is really very fast and the interface or Webwag is very clean and pleasant to the eyes and the site has high usability and good functionality. Editting, deleting, and moving widgets is very easy which lets you make your personalized page very quickly and you don't really need previous knowledge to understand how to set your own page.

The alternative is to visits site like ‘ which collect live news from multiple site as per your preference.

You can also download the Webwag ToolBar and enjoy more activities right from your browser:
> Bookmark a site on your Webwag bookmark widget
> Add a site as a widget in your Webwag page
> Export your browser's bookmarks to your Webwag bookmark widget

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