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Whats the Easiest Way to Share your Files - GigaSize's New Service

Here is a nice new service that allows you to transfer all kind of data that you have on your computer, in a fast, reliable and simple way. The site have a great interface and lots of benefits to offers from, suce as:

A service that is reliable, simple and quick
An easy way to share your file wite your friends
Two different account options, You'll never have to worry about the size of your data send any type of data.
You can email links to huge files that your normal email account cannot handle as attachments.
The downloadable file cannot be modified or deleted Secure servers -No one can corrupt your file or exchange it with anyone
You and your friends can download the desired file at the time and place you desire, without any obligations.
Business users no longer have to contact their IT department to help them put large files on corporate servers.

Two types of account: (and free online 1GB Free center that you don't have to sign up for)Free Account
You'll have unlimted share files up to 1.5 GB per file
Files stored for 90 days
Convenient file organizer
Earn and Trade Giga points
Import address book

Premium Account - 4.95$/month
No Download limits
Unlimited files - 2.5 GB per file
Faster Downloads
Organize/Store files forever
Sign up to GigaSize and start share your files

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