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More options than just a "Google"

Google continues its race to become the biggest brand of the century, infact its almost reached there. For millions of Netizens, the G company has already become synonymous with God. According to a recent survey, the Internet company has managed to upstage established brands and behemoths such as Coca Cola and Microsoft to claim the No. 1 spot as global top brand.

I believe that Google would remain to be at the forefront because of a simple reason that Google’s product works, which is why most people don’t feel a need to switch to other search options. However, this leader face tough competition from local favourites in several countries. Baidu is known as a Google trouncer in China, Google has just been dethroned by Wretch in Taiwan.

Some search specialists will argue that rivals such as Yahoo! and Ask deliver better results. Nonetheless, Google delivers a satisfactory service for most mainstream users so surfers don't feel the need to switch.

Have you lately tried other search engine sites? Well here is an opportunity to actually check which is the best search engine site? Put all the top search engine to test.

Go to a single window multi search engine site where you can check the search results from multiple search engine sites. Give it a try!! and maybe Gofind becomes your favorite!!

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