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Now use your mobile to buy stuff online has launched a new service that enables consumers to find and buy products sold by Amazon using text messaging. Its called Amazon TextBuyIt. This would be a great way of shopping if you are on a move and cannot go online on the amazon site to buy out stuff. This free service lets you search for an item using keywords, such as those in an Amazon web search, get pricing and then buy an item from the search results. The item price and total order amount will be exactly the same as you would see on the website when viewing normal catalog items.

How does it work ? Well simple.. All you need to do is simply text message the keyword of the product, UPC or ISBN to 262966 ("AMAZON") and they’ll text back with matching products details. Then you simply reply with the item number to buy the item. And if you don't want to buy the product you can simply use this service to check for the prices on amazon. This service is available to any mobile phone capable of sending and receiving text messages. Amazon TextBuyIt will call your mobile phone to confirm shipping and payment information with you before completing your order.

Any item sold by can be purchased through TextBuyIt. Items that are not in stock or unavailable for any other reason will not be included in your TextBuyIt search results.

More details at Amazon Website

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Ajay Pathak said…
can we use this service from india

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