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Now book Uber in India via Google Maps app

A recent feature added on Google Maps app now allows anyone to easily book an Uber in India without leaving Google Maps app. As of now, Google has only integrated Uber services in its Maps app. One of the best advantages of this integration is that you don’t need to have Uber app installed
on your smartphone.

However, you will have to sign-in to your Uber account to use the service. The ride services section also shows Ola cabs, but you’ll need to have the app installed on your smartphone. To confirm the booking, you’ll be redirected to the Ola app.

Booking Uber without any installing its app was also possible via the Best of Best Webapp, but now one can simply use the Google maps app. Under Uber tab, you’ll see options like – uberPOOL, uberGO, uberX and uberXL along with fare estimate and time estimate.

Once the booking is complete, you’ll see your ride details such as the driver name, vehicle type, registration number and an option to call the driver too.

Whats exclusive is Google is also offering Rs 50 discount on the final fare when you book an Uber from the Maps app. So go ahead register with Uber for your free rides.. 

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Rishil Babu said…
Have tried this and this is cool
Pepperfry [CPS] IN PizzaHut [CPS] IN