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Five Important Apps by Government of India

Digital India program has been to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy the government has in fact introduced or developed various apps for the citizens who can now make use of their smartphones to connect with the government. Below I have listed the best five android apps by the Government of India, which I feel is a must have for all Indian citizens.

1. myGov :  This app gives the Indian citizens an option to voice their opinions regarding any issue that would lead to the betterment of the government functioning. So through the app, any citizen can send their suggestions or opinions to the government and also to the organizations associated with the government to improve the services. The sent suggestions and opinions will be taken into consideration, and effective action will be taken accordingly.

2. mPassportSeva : Indian citizens looking to apply for a passport can now download this app. This central government app provides all the information regarding the various steps involved in applying and obtaining a Passport. This app comes with a feature that will help users locate the nearest "Passport Seva Kendra" Center. In addition, the mPassportSeva app even helps the user in tracking the Passport Application status.

3. MEAIndia (Ministry of External Affairs-Government of India) : This app is completely developed keeping users in mind and looks very interactive and intuitive with smart visuals and graphics. While the app deals with the Ministry of External Affairs it acts as a single window source for the information related to the citizen centric services and outreaches the activities. Download

4. PMO India : Official App of the Indian Prime Minister’s Office. It shows you all of the latest information, news updates & other content related to the PMO. Download the app and stay updated with the PMO anywhere, anytime. Its currently available in 10 languages.

5. MyGov MOVE : MyGov app which laid the foundation for participatory governance bringing citizens onboard in the process of policy formulation and decision making by engaging them in a dialogue with the government and its representative bodies. MyGov has envisioned a bouquet of applications which would assist stakeholder ministries and bodies to engage with users in on-ground execution of tasks and activities. MyGov Move is one of the offerings for the citizens to actively contribute in Nation Building by rendering volunteering services to various initiatives. MyGov Move app helps the citizens to engage with the government and deliver volunteering services to various government initiatives that would be highlighted in the app. 

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