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Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Google Home, a product that was released by Google is seen as a direct response to the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker that can respond to users’ questions and commands. This is a new category that Google is venturing in to. With Google Home, the search engine giant is targeting the reign of Amazon Echo, which has been around for the past year.

Amazon Echo has been around since 2014, and since then Amazon has captured a significant amount of consumer attention around virtual assistant devices. Now by also integrating with your phone Google Home can tell you about your morning commute and give you alternate routes.

Home can give you a daily briefing complete with highlights from your calendar.

Home can also search Google, so if you want to play a song but can't remember the name, Home can help. And, yes, it still has a contextual awareness.

The Indian angle. 

Amazon sells Echo at Rs 19,000 in the Indian market and Google has to come up with a pricing that overshadows the Amazon Echo. If Google manages to price the Google Home under Rs 15,000, we believe it would start a new trend of Wi-Fi enabled smart speakers in the country that can do a lot more than playing music wirelessly.

Overall we feel Google Home has an edge Amazon Echo for the following top reasons.

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