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What is Reliance JioFi device ?

Reliance recently launched its Jio service and also released with it a number of attractive data plans, these are very attractive plans mostly with free data, starting at just Rs. 149. However a big limitaion
here is, if your phone does not support 4G, you cannot make full use of Reliance Jio's network. Thats were JioFi come to your rescue.

The JioFi is like a personal hotspot, its a a small device that fits into your pocket and acts as a links between the 4G network and a local Wi-Fi network that it creates of its own, which your smart phones or laptop devices can connect to.

Since calling rates are already very cheap, its data and the speed of accessing internet the main reason most people are interested to get Jio right now. In fact its free, fast, and unlimited data for Jio

Reliance JioFi comes with a Reliance Jio SIM that, once activated, can be used to connect to the network and you can use the Jio Join app on your phone to place calls or send messages through the JioFi. This means that even if your phone does not support 4G, you can make full use of Reliance Jio's network thanks to the JioFi.

More details on the Offers and the Tech Specs -

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Ankitooo said…
jiofi devices are basically 4g mifi devices from reliance.
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