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Xiaomi’s virtual reality soon to be a reality

Xiaomi, one of China’s largest tech corporations is getting ready to take the virtual reality world by storm as well. Xiaomi is currently working on a virtual reality headset which is compatible with Google’s Daydream platform.

Few months ago Xiaomi entered the lucrative drone market and unveiled the Mi Drone, costing $460 for 4K video or $380 for 1080p, and this time its the virtual reality.

Virtual reality has been the buzzword in the consumer tech industry over the past couple of years and a whole bunch of technology companies, ranging from established multinationals like Samsung, Sony and HTC to internet giants like Google and Facebook, have all invested heavily in VR over the past few years.

Xiaomi is known for aggressively using lower prices to its advantage and hopefully, its VR headset will follow a similar strategy. As usual, the headset is expected to debut in China first then roll out to other regions.

Will keep you posted on the progress Xiaomi VR..

Source : Gizmochina

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