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Google's Free Wi-Fi now extended to 19 Indian railway stations.

Since launch, Google and Railtel have extended service to 19 cities as of date and Google claim that 1.5 million Indians have so far availed themselves of the service. Google plans to extend the service quickly to cover 100 of the busiest stations by the end of this year. The project will eventually cover 400 railway stations across India.

Google provides this service in collaboration with Railtel. Railtel is the PSU which owns a Pan-India optic fiber network exclusively on railway track. It has laid out over 45,000 kms of optic fibre networks across the country, which Google will utilise for its Wi-Fi. Railtel is the ISP, while Google will provide the Wireless Area Networks (WAN).

Here is the latest list of Google wifi stations.

The biggest impact of Google's Wi-Fi project seems to be in India's smaller towns and cities, where high-speed broadband access is still limited. Google says that Tier 2 cities like Bhubaneshwar and Visakhapatnam are seeing the highest adoption rates and the highest data consumption. On average, users in Tier 2 cities consume about 15 times their daily 3G consumption.

While Google declines to reveal the average speed of its Wi-Fi networks, it says that its aim is to ensure that every user has access to Internet that is fast enough to enable high definition video streaming.

Lately while everybody talking about data caps, throttling and net neutrality, it’s actually nice to see a company get excited about free Internet and high data consumption.

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