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An all in one taxi service app now in India

This could be a must have free app for all smartphone users in Indian cities. A lot of people keep apps for various app-based taxi services. This come handy and is useful at peak hours or during festival
time, when taxi availability is less, and there's a surge in prices due to the demand.

Customers often check on various apps, to get the best price and to check for actual cab availability. These multiple app might be of Uber, Ola , TaxiForSure, Tabcab etc. What if you can actually track cab availability irrespective of it being of Ola, Uber, Tabcam and also provide you a list of local taxi service providers in the vicinity.

Well its made possible by one app called the 'Loco' app. With a smartphone and the Loco app, finding a cab has never been so much easier! Find the nearest cabs, choose your ride and you are good to go. Your ride Your way...

Loca App available for Android phones - Click here

Loca App available for Windows phones - Click here


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